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Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

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  • 2015InSite Vision Inc.

    Acquires InSite Vision Inc. to strengthen branded ophthalmic portfolio in USA

  • 2015GSK's Opiates business

    Acquires GSK’s Opiates business in Australia

  • 2014Pharmalucence

    Acquires Pharmalucence in USA

  • 2014 Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited

    Acquires Ranbaxy in a US$ 4 billion landmark transaction to create the world’s fifth largest speciality generic pharma company

  • 2013 URL Pharma

    Acquires a comprehensive list of ANDAs and generic products from Takeda Pharmaceuticals

  • 2012 Dusa Pharmaceuticals

    Acquires a developer of a dermatological device used to treat actinic keratoses

  • 2011 MSD

    Signs joint venture with MSD with a focus on emerging markets

  • 2010 Caraco

    Completes 100 % acquisition of Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Initial stake investment in 1997

  • 2010 Taro

    Acquires majority stake in Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, a multinational generic manufacturer with an established North American presence and a strong franchise in dermatology

  • 2009 Inwood Laboratories, Inc.

    Acquires products from Forest Lab's Inwood Division

  • 2008 Chattem Chemicals Inc.

    Buys Chattem Chemicals, Inc., a manufacturer of controlled substances with an API facility


    Acquires the controlled substance manufacturing assets of Able Laboratories Inc.

  • 2005 ICN

    Acquires Alkaloida’s controlled substance API and dosage form manufacturing plant

  • 2004 Women First Health care

    Acquires products from Women's First Healthcare

  • 2004 Phlox Pharma

    Acquires Phlox Pharma, a manufacturer of cephalosporin API, holding USA and European approvals

  • 2002 MJ Pharma

    Completes 100 % acquisition of MJ Pharma , having a plant with US FDA and UK MHRA approvals for oral dosage forms. Initial stake investment in 1996

  • 2000 Pradeep Drug Company

    Acquires Pradeep Drug Company, India

  • 1999 Milmet

    Acquires Milmet Laboratories, India

    initiating entry in ophthalmology

  • 1999 Gujarat Lyka Organics

    Completes 100 % takeover of Gujarat Lyka Organics. Acquire Cephalexin and 7ADCA actives manufacturing site. Initial stake investment in 1996


    Acquires select products from Natco Pharma, initiating entry into chest and respiratory therapy areas


    Acquires Tamilnadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Limited, initiating entry into oncology and gynaecology


    Buys an API plant in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra from Knoll Pharma


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